HCS Affiliates Group - Legal Associate

Our client, a Kenya-focused boutique law firm offering local solutions with international expertise, seeks to recruit a Legal Associate. He/she will be responsible for working directly with the Partners to ensure that all legal matters are handled professionally and efficiently.

Key Duties and Responsibilities
• Provide legal and administrative support to Partners and Senior Associates.
• Responsible for drafting and reviewing legal documents, pleadings, statutes, motions, agreements, company policies and procedures, and legal correspondence.
• Responsible for the follow-up of the registration or filing of any legal forms, documents & pleadings at any government registry or online portal.
• Conduct legal research on various issues, including case law, statutes, regulations, and other relevant materials to support legal arguments, advice and the firm’s/partners’ publications.
• Assist partners and senior associates in legal analysis and strategy.
• Assess clients’ legal needs communication with clients to understand their legal requirements.
• Negotiate legal contract terms or any other terms on behalf of clients.
• Assist in case management by organizing and maintaining case files, drafting case summaries, and ensuring compliance with deadlines and court procedures.
• Client representation & appearances at legal proceedings in court, tribunals, or meetings, and to provide any other support during proceedings.
• Client relations/Customer service - Interacting with clients, answering their legal inquiries, updating them on case developments, and maintaining good client relationships.
• Undertake or support legal due diligence in corporate and conveyance transactions.
• Undertake or support legal & governance audits where the firm has been engaged to provide such a service.
• Undertake or support legal training where the firm has been engaged to provide such service.

Qualifications and Experience
• Admitted to the bar preferably with two years post bar experience.
• Strong litigation background especially in a strong/busy commercial law firm but with corporate/commercial interests and aptitude

Personal Attributes
• Research Skills: Strong research abilities are crucial. He/she should be adept at legal research, keeping up-to-date with relevant laws, regulations, and precedents. This helps in preparing legal strategies, providing sound advice and writing articles for the firm’s/partners’ websites.
• Drafting expertise & writing
• Strong listening and communication skills.
• The capacity to work independently and collaboratively.
• Ability to work efficiently without compromising quality or accuracy.
• Be a skilled writer to be able to churn out well-thought-out articles
• Attention to Detail: He/she should be meticulous in documentation & able to spot errors and inconsistencies in legal documents & arguments and ensure accuracy and compliance.
• Confidentiality: Discretion and confidentiality are paramount. He/she will often deal with sensitive information and must maintain the highest ethical standards in handling confidential matters.
• Communication Skills:Clear and effective communication is vital. He/she should be able to convey legal concepts and advice even to non-legal personnel in an understandable manner.
• Organizational Skills: Managing workflow & scheduling meetings to ensure seamless & efficient delivery can be complex. Good organizational skills are essential to keep track of deadlines, appointments, and important documents. He/she should have good organizational skills to manage the office and timelines effectively.
• Adaptability: He/she must be adaptable and quick to quickly respond to new legal developments, challenges & changes of tune.
• Team Player: While the support is personalized, he/she will often collaborate with other professionals and stakeholders. Being a team player is important.
• Tech Savvy: Proficiency in tech & research tools is beneficial for legal tasks and document management efficiency.
• Time Management: Effective time management ensures that tasks are completed promptly. This is especially important in a fast-paced legal environment.
• Problem-Solving Skills: He/she should possess strong problem-solving abilities helping to navigate complex legal issues and find practical solutions.
• Excellent Attitude: He/she must have a sunny disposition & positive attitude towards life. A winning can-do attitude towards tasks & life in general